VENOM Rating, Runtime and an Anticipated $65 Million Domestic Opening Weekend

Feels like it has been a very long time since the last super hero movie released in theaters but that's about to change as Sony is readying their release of VENOM. The movie is not a part of the Marvel Studios' Cinematic Universe despite Venom having a heavy comic book origin story with Spider-Man, who is also said to not be a part of this film.

Since being introduced in the comics by Todd McFarlane, Venom has developed had a huge fanbase. Therefore, a lot of those fans are eagerly awaiting this latest version of Venom to hit the big screen. This is an attempt, by Sony Pictures, to right the wrongs committed to the character in SPIDER-MAN 3.

According to Deadline, VENOM is set to open with approximately $65 million in the domestic box office, which is a solid start for for its reported $100 million (production) budget.

The runtime of VENOM will be 1 hour and 52 minutes with a PG-13 rating and here's a look at its IMAX poster...

VENOM releases in the U.S. on October 5.

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