LEGION Chapter 17 Review

This episode starts off with a review of what happened in the last episode — Melanie knocking out an unsuspecting Carter. We are then shown Melanie thirteen days earlier spending all of her time smoking in her room alone. 

Melanie goes to sleep that night and wakes up to Oliver singing to her. Melanie grabs a gun, pointing it at him. Oliver, being controlled by the Shadow King, tries to calm her down. However, Melanie is still furious at him for leaving. Oliver tells her to turn around, and Melanie sees a younger version of herself in her reflection of the mirror. This calms her down, and the two of them go in for a kiss, giving the Shadow King control over her. 

One of my favorite things about LEGION is how chaotic the world is. The audience continually has to determine what is real and what is a psychological trick. Much like the characters in the show, you are constantly challenged to identify the reality of things. It feels like I’m in the show and gives me a strong connection to the characters and their emotions. 

The Shadow King uses Oliver as a tool for manipulating Melanie into telling them everything she knows about David and the Division 3 plan against him. It takes some time because Melanie is still furious and hurt as a result of Oliver constantly leaving her behind with nothing to go on. 

Kerry tries to talk to Melanie to get her working again. However, Melanie is not in a great state of mind. She is always ranting about how nothing is real and how everything is a delusion. She thinks the world is something she made up inside her head. 

This episode does a great job of making you think about reality and how the perception of reality can be different for some people. It also displays this visually rather than having characters state it. 

While working in the Division 3 lab, Cary and Kerry both get a vision of them taking a weapon from D3 and driving it to a motel called The Blue Octopus. Cary then realizes it was David who implanted these visions into their head. David seems to have a bigger plan laid out, and he doesn’t want Admiral Fukyama knowing. 

Cary and Kerry begin to act on David’s plan, and they do exactly as they saw in their visions. It was cool seeing the little visions play out in real life exactly as David implanted it. They both get to The Blue Octopus and deliver the weapon as planned, but Kerry doesn’t want to leave the weapon in the parking lot so they wait at the motel’s restaurant. 

Cary and Kerry have a great dynamic with each other and it’s always great to see them on screen together. They are two extremely different characters, but they work so well together. Their banter and conversations feel real. The writers and actors do a fantastic job of making us believe these two have spent their entire lives together. 

Meanwhile, Lenny returns to her old home and begins to live as she did in her own body. She parties with her friends and does her best to have fun, but she is still haunted by Amy and the fact she is in Amy’s body. The next morning, Lenny wakes up in bed next to a girl from the party and Amy is standing at the foot of the bed. Lenny tells Amy to walk away and let Lenny live her life. Amy begins to ask Lenny over and over again if she is a good person, but Lenny is unable to answer because she doesn’t want to admit it to herself. 

While eating breakfast, Lenny gets a vision of the weapon being left at The Blue Octopus. She then sees the Angriest Boy in the World, indicating there is possibly a part of the Shadow King still inside of her. Lenny then has a vision of her using the weapon in the desert, possibly against the Shadow King. 

Amy keep reappearing to Lenny, telling her she needs to help David. Amy then accuses Lenny of loving David and Lenny gets embarrassed but agrees to help. Amy disappears, and when Lenny walks to where she is standing, she realizes she is staying in The Blue Octopus. 

While waiting inside the restaurant of The Blue Octopus, Cary and Kerry spot Lenny outside and making her way towards their car with the weapon in it. Before they can reach Lenny, the car door mysteriously shuts, and the car disappears and reappears in the middle of a desert. 

It is great to see supporting characters getting more time to shine this season. Aubrey Plaza especially shines as Lenny. She brings so much energy and charm to the show, even if her character is a lunatic and not the best person. I hope she gets to stick around longer, but it looks like the Shadow King might have a stronger hold on her than she thinks. 

The episode ends with a reshowing of Melanie knocking out Carter. Melanie is then rewarded for her information as she finally reunites with Oliver and takes his hand after 21 years.

Written by James Philbrick, LEGION Beat Writer

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