Report: Disney is Aggressively Trying to Bring Fox's Marvel Assets, Hulu and More Home For Christmas

Last month a report hit stating how Disney had engaged in talks with Fox to buy the company's movie studio, its TV production company, FX networks, National Geographic, and a few other odds and ends. What wasn't being pursued in this deal are Fox network, Fox News, and Fox Sports. Talks stalled.

Now, according to The Wall Street Journal, talks are back and Disney has become even more aggressive in trying to finalize this deal that would see all of Fox's X-Men, Deadpool, Fantastic Four, and mutant Marvel characters return back home. The reason for Disney's new and aggressive approach at trying to close this deal is that there is competition in the form of Comcast, who is very interested in making this deal, too.

Of course Disney does not want any other company to get the movie rights to their Marvel characters, so they could be opening their wallet in a big way. The thought here, if Disney does finalize this deal and in my opinion, is that Disney would let Fox continue as a studio, as they've done with Pixar, Marvel Studios, and Lucasfilm, so R-rated heroes can still get their mature films (like Deadpool) under the Fox banner, but Marvel Studios can pull any other mutant or Fantastic Four related character (like villain Dr. Doom) into the MCU. Also, now that the MCU is exploring the Multiverse, all of this is possible as many dimensions and alternate universes will be in place for heroes to jump back and forth between.

Plus, another big part of this deal is how Fox owns 30-percent of the streaming channel Hulu. By purchasing this stake of Hulu, Disney would then have a controlling stake of Hulu at 60-percent that this could be a game changer for the Mouse as they might not have to create their own streaming network, as they have previously planned.

This deal could close before the end of the year, so stay tuned because there is a very good chance Wolverine, Deadpool, Dr. Doom, Silver Surfer, Galactus and the rest of Fox's Marvel movie characters could be coming home for Christmas. And with the current Marvel Cinematic Universe drastically changing after the events of AVENGERS 4, introducing the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and a big bad like Dr. Doom could be exactly what the MCU needs as actors who are Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Bruce Banner and others' hero movie contracts expire.

Written by Daniel Wolf, Founder & Publisher

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