GOTHAM Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Things That Go Boom

Nothing sets the tone for the episode like starting in the Arkham Asylum. Pyg is starting fights for Gordon’s attention. Gordon hasn’t forgotten about him yet either, because he wants to know his true identity. 

Unfortunately, Gordon is a little busy. Sophia keeps bothering him. She wants to start seeing him again, but Gordon refuses. Pro-tip: don’t mention Penguin’s knowledge that you’re a traitor when you are trying to seduce a guy. 

Penguin is now convinced that Sophia is his enemy, and she admits to it. Penguin is ready for revenge, and sends The Dentist to torture her. However, Sophia though this through. She knows where his family lives, and is ready to kill them the moment he touches her. Or at least she says as much. I doubt that anything she says is the truth anymore. It’s unfortunate they had to get rid of such The Dentist so quickly before really getting to use him. 

What Sophia didn’t expect is for Barbara, Selina, and Tabitha to kidnap her shortly afterward. They want to use her as leverage against Penguin, either as a friend or as an enemy. She’s right, because Penguin immediately agrees to all her conditions to get her back. But Sophia knows how to remedy this. She offers to give them everything they want for her freedom. This is everything I have ever wanted. All my girls working together. The dream team. 

Yet, they don’t readily agree, and my hopes and dreams falter a little bit. Instead, Sophia goes to Gordon to get the GCPD to take the fight to Penguin and start a war. Gordon, sick of her lies, goes to straight to Penguin to make a deal. He’ll get rid of Sophia if Penguin gets rid of the licenses. It’s a nice little plan, and it seems like it is going to work too. Gordon and Sophia have a whole “goodbye” moment where Sophia kisses him and reminds him of the darkness within him like every villain wants to do with him. 

Cut to a scene of Sophia on the train, and I’m a little less confident that this storyline is going to be neatly tied up. Victor comes looking for Sophia because she kidnapped Martin. More accurately, Barbara, Selina, and Tabitha kidnapped him for her. They’re working together! The sound of synchronized heels; exactly what I like to hear. 

They all come to collect the boy. Penguin gives up to gets the boy back. I’m sure Sophia predicted as much, since Penguin previously ate human to save that boy. What Sophia didn’t predict is Penguin killing the boy in order to get his power back. Penguin is unleashing a war on them. 

It was astonishing that Penguin killed the boy, but they quickly reveal that Penguin didn’t actual kill the boy, but is sending him away for his safety. This makes far more sense. I wonder if Sophia suspects this as well. I wonder if Gordon is aware of literally any of this happening. 

Gordon certainly isn’t aware of what is happening in the Narrows. Lee made a court system to solve conflict in the narrow, as well as a doctor’s office setup to heal them. Lee has really stepped up to the role of leader in the Narrows. Another leader, Sampson, is testing Lee’s new leadership. 

She wants to use diplomacy, since her leadership is built upon a court system and all, and she goes to defend her territory. Sampson refers to her as Doc, which I’m sure will cause Gordon some confusion in the future. Lee notices that he is coughing blood and offers him treatment in exchange for keeping her territory. As villains do, they agree to one thing and then do another. After agreeing, Sampson destroys her hospital. Now, Lee need to step her game up, so she poisons him and offers him the antidote in exchange for keeping her territory. She’s living up that dark eyeliner she’s got going on. 

This whole time, Nygma is upset that he is a sidekick and a has-been. Yet, this entire time he has been predicting Sampson’s moves with the same intelligence as before. Lee points this out and admits that she hasn’t been looking for a cure because there is nothing wrong with him. She was afraid he would become the Riddler again, and she likes how he is now. He is like the Ed he was before. 

Shortly afterward, Nygma’s hallucinations come back. Maybe he should tell Lee about that. I’m sure there are drugs for that. It’s just a psychological disorder after all. 

Finally, Gordon has some extra time to pursue Pyg’s identity again. Pyg was recognized as his old identity, Lazlo Valentin. He escaped from there after several murders, and now Gordon is highly suspicious he is about to escape from Arkham. He’s right to be worried, because by the time he is worried about it, Pyg has already escaped. He used his real name in the escape note too, so Gordon has no power over him. 

Overall, nothing was resolved in this episode. Pyg and Sophia are both still at large. Even Nygma’s issues resurfaced again. On the plus side, Lee is thriving in her position. That’s enough to keep me content for awhile.

Written by Nicole Teeters, GOTHAM Beat Writer

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