SUPERGIRL Season 3 Premiere Review: Girl of Steel

The Season 2 finale ended with Alex proposing to Maggie, Kara sending all the Daxamites away including Mon-El and a revelation that a Kryptonian group sent another child to earth years ago. Our premiere begins with Kara daydreaming she's in a grassy field with Mon-El. And joining them is her mother. In reality she's floating above the city, as Supergirl prepared for action. 

She follows the police siren to a car chase where Maggie and Alex are as well. The thieves stole sole type of alien tech and are using it against the cops. She is able to stop the thieves from attacking them and plunging into a car with a family in it. Although one of the criminals does escape. Supergirl is all business now, not even acting cute and bubbly with the family she saves. 

We get our first look at one of the big bads of the season. Morgan Edge, a real estate developer. Lena Luthor and James are vocal about their dislike for his plans to push people out of a community. He retaliated by trying to purchase Catco. 

Cat Grant is not at Catco anymore but she is doing bigger and badder things as press secretary to the president. With a emphasis on the president’s stance on Global WarMing. Yes. She went there. She'll have no say on him purchasing her coming. 

Kara, however, is back working at Catco as a journalist and is putting off a Supergirl interview. This strains her relationship with James as calls her in through the Supergirl watch. Although it is mainly out of concern for her pulling away from everyone, Kara refuses to hear it and quits, believing her life as Kara isn't as important as Supergirl. 

Winn finds the thief, Bloodsport, from the other night. Kara finds him at an army base but she and other soldiers are attacked by a Daxamite ship taken by the military. Winn finds out that he has a weapon that was stolen would be able to cloak a nuclear attack on National City. 

Kara’s behavior with her friends comes to a head. Kara and Alex go at it when she learns she quit her job. Kara makes it clear to Alex that she isn't a human and she is better as Supergirl than pretending to be normal like Kara Danvers. It's time for Kara to grief and move on. 

As they wait for any sign of Bloodsport, Hank gets Kara to open up. She reveals she has been dreaming about Mon-El and her mom but that she can't afford to be broken. Hank, ever the father figure, encourages her to remember that Kara Danvers helps just as many people as Supergirl. 

During the celebration of Supergirl and reveal of her statue, there is a missile that hits the waterfront. Kara realizes that it's coming from under the water. Kara finds the submarine and manages to damage the cloaking the device and stop the last missile, literally lifting the submarine out of the water. 

In an effort to stop Edge from getting Catco, Lena buys Catco and tries to convince Kara to come back and work. Morgan comes in and interrupts them threatening Lena. Kara leaves and flies in as Supergirl. Supergirl brings him to a ship on the water and tells him she knows he was behind the attack and she is watching him now. Kara takes her friends and family's advice to heart and joins them for a drink. Her first sign of trying to move on as Kara Danvers and Supergirl. 

Also revealed in the episode, Alex and Maggie are getting married. Alex isn't as hands on with the wedding plans because her dad wouldn't be able to walk her down the aisle. Maggie reminds her she still has friends and family who she chose. This prompts Alex to ask Hank to walk her down the aisle who, to everyone's shock, gets choked up and accepts. 

We also get our first glimpse of Reign aka Samantha with her daughter. She even gets a first look at her power when she manages to lift a metal towel off her. We also see that while Kara daydreams about her mother, Samantha has a similar nightmare about Kara’s mother as well but she looks more like a monster to her. These dreams seem to show that either she and Kara may be psychically linked or have a connection to something on krypton. 

I like that Lena Luthor now owns Catco. With some much distrust that the public has for all Luthor’s, her being in power could be good or bad. She is a worthy opponent against Morgan Edge who needs to be taken down a peg. 

While Supergirl definitely takes care of business, it's hurting her relationships. Kara has accepted her decision of sending all the Daxamites away because it is what Supergirl needed to do but she isn't as accepting as trying to let people back in after she keeps losing them. 

It's a fantastic start to the season. Hopefully as it continues we'll see more of Samantha’s powers and what her connection is to Kara’s family

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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