STAR WARS EPISODE IX Has Moved its Release Date From May to December 2019

It finally happened and my prayers to the Movie Gods have been answered as Lucasfilm has stopped trying to appease the traditionalist Star Wars fans, who wanted a May release, and moved STAR WARS EPISODE IX from May 24 to December 20, 2019 release date!

Look... I get it... fans wanted some nostalgia by having a May / Memorial Day weekend release just like back in the day when the Original Trilogy films released in May. I understand this totally being a child of the late 70s, however, having Star Wars films released in December the past two years has been something even more special. At least it has for me. It is a time of the year with great joy, due to the holiday season, and then had Star Wars sprinkled all over the top of the holiday excitement and cheer.

Also, it's the best move with J. J. Abrams now on board to write and direct the final installment of the Sequel Trilogy he started; by giving him more time to develop the story and script. Episode IX was supposed to start filming in early 2018, but with a new director, and a script that will need re-working now, it has all fallen in place perfectly to continue the Star Wars in December tradition. (Warner Bros. will be moving WONDER WOMAN 2 from December 2019 any moment now.)

Next up, Lucasfilm needs to/should give director Ron Howard some more time to fix and finish the HAN SOLO standalone film and move it from a May 2018 release date to a December 2018 release, too. (Fingers crossed.)

Written by Daniel Wolf, Founder & Publisher

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