JUSTICE LEAGUE Report: Joss Whedon Wrote and Shot a Brand New Ending

The original plan was for director Zack Snyder to helm JUSTICE LEAGUE PART 1 & 2 and shoot them back-to-back so they could be released in consecutive years. After all the backlash with BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, as well as its major drop-off in box office sales from opening weekend to second weekend, that plan changed. JUSTICE LEAGUE became two standalone ensemble films and Snyder was only tasked with helming the first movie.

Fast-forward to today and Snyder has left JUSTICE LEAGUE, due to family loss, with Joss Whedon being brought on to finish helming the film. Whedon is writing and directing new scenes for the movie's expensive reshoots, that cost as much as shooting a mid-budget movie. There's been reports how Whedon has written new scenes to create more "connective tissue" between what Snyder shot and the movie still needed after seeing it in the editing room during post-production.

Right here we will give you a SPOILER ALERT! because some of the following information could be considered spoiler-y. You've been warned.

But now SlashFilm (via CBM) has a new report stating how Whedon has wrote a brand new ending for the film. According to this report, Snyder had a plan to introduce Darkseid in the final moments of JUSTICE LEAGUE, creating a big cliffhanger to set up JUSTICE LEAGUE 2.

Apparently, Warner Bros. executives and Whedon were not a fan of this and Whedon wrote Darkseid out of JUSTICE LEAGUE altogether, although there are still teases of his future arrival to step up his future appearance down the road in the DC Extended Universe. Also, Whedon is giving the movie's villain Steppenwolf more backstory and putting the focus more on him and less on Darkseid.

It's a shame that DC fans will have to wait longer until they can finally see Darkseid on the big screen but if Whedon can make JUSTICE LEAGUE a better movie than what Snyder had planned, then that's still a win for the DCEU and its fans.

JUSTICE LEAGUE releases on November 17.

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