Detailed Recap of the AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Footage Shown at Disney's D23 Expo

Anaheim, Cali. -- Earlier today I was inside of the big D23 Expo 2017 Disney live action movie presentation and nothing made the fans go more bananas than footage shown for AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. (Sorry MARY POPPINS RETURNS but your cheers were second place according to these ears.)

Anyway, you may have seen my real time reaction video on YouTube, and per its view count you probably did, where I had trouble putting sentences and thoughts together because I was in shock at what I had just seen on the big screen. I don't apologize for the lack of information from the footage in may video because it was as genuine of a reaction as you can possible have. I wanted to share that moment with everyone.

Several hours have passed and I am now ready to share everything I saw in as much detail as I can remember. The following could be considered spoiler-y, so for those who don't want to know here's your SPOILER ALERT.

First, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige introduced the footage as a quick recap of the past films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After about two minutes of recap you saw the Guardians of the Galaxy in the Milano in space. This is where the new footage seamlessly begin and it was approximately three-ish minutes worth. Star-Lord tells everyone on the Milano to "Put on your mean faces" as they fly through destruction and space debris when there's a loud thump noise. You see a body hit the windshield of their ship and Rocket says to get it off.

You see that the body is none other than an unconscious Thor. They bring Thor inside the ship and Star-Lord tell Mantis to wake him up. She places her hand on his head and Thor jumps up awake and asks, "Who the hell are you guys?" We see Thor and the Guardians flying off to a planet, where there is more mass destruction.

Next, we are on Earth and Scarlet Witch is seen ripping a car(s) apart with her power. A female voice can be heard saying, "Death follows him everywhere like a shadow." (All the quotes are paraphrased as best as I can remember them.)

Cut to Loki standing holding the Tesseract in his hand and it looks like he is handing it over to a much taller person off camera.

Then, we see Peter Parker and the hairs on his arm stand straight up as he turns around to see a spaceship coming into the atmosphere. Tony Stark is heard saying how they have the advantage because "He (Thanos) is coming to us" as the ship crashes to the surfaces. A quick glimpse of Iron Man, Star-Lord, Doctor Strange and several other characters are shown together but it was so quick it was hard to see everyone who was there together.

You hear Thanos talking about how it isn't fun putting the universe into balance but it puts a smile on his face as Star-Lord turns to see what looks like a black hole-like portal with Thanos emerging from it.

A fight ensues as Doctor Strange and Star-Lord team-up with Star-Lord jumping around on magical platforms Doctor Strange creates to give him the high ground while shooting his elemental blaster.

We cut to Spider-Man in his Iron Spider suit seen at the end of SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING as well as a bunch of other quick-cuts of Bucky alongside of Wakandan warriors, Black Widow with chin-length blonde hair, Captain America in the shadows with a beard and a look at Iron Man's sleekest armor yet.

Oh yeah... and you get to see the Hulkbuster Iron Man armor for a quick moment landing on the ground.

Finally, more quick-cuts show an injured Peter Parker with Tony Stark holding his head and Parker telling Stark he is sorry, Thanos grabbing and squeezing Thor's head while the God of Thunder screams in pain and a look at Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet with two stones in it. Thanos motions toward a moon with the Guantlet, not Earth's moon (I think), and motions at it cracking the moon and throwing pieces of the broken moon at his enemies as a form of an epic attack.

Fade to the movie logo.

I'm not sure if Marvel Studios will release this to the public, but I wouldn't be surprised if they take it to San Diego Comic-Con International next weekend for the Hall H crowd to see, too. Also, the beginning part with Thor and the Guardians seems like it could be seen as a potential post credits seen for THOR: RAGNAROK, but that's just my own guess.

It was pretty amazing to see and left me in a state of shock which you can watch in my reaction video below as I was walking out of the presentation right after the footage and presentation concluded.

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR releases in the U.S. on May 4, 2018.

Written by Daniel Wolf, Founder & Publisher

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