D23 Expo: Mark Ruffalo Calls Out Universal to Partner With Marvel Studios For an INCREDIBLE HULK Solo Movie

In the ongoing story of the rift between Marvel Studios and Universal coming together to get another INCREDIBLE HULK solo movie into theaters, actor Mark Ruffalo has figuratively thrown gasoline on the fire by calling out Universal, who owns the live action movie rights to standalone INCREDIBLE HULK movies.

After Marvel Studios' presentation at Disney's D23 Expo, Ruffalo was stopped by Variety and asked about any updated potential of solo movie for Bruce Banner / Hulk.

"I wanna make just one thing perfectly clear today, a standalone Hulk movie will never happen... For some reason they don't know how to play well with Marvel... because they don't want to make money,"

Sounds like angry fighting words from a man who you definitely do not want to get angry. However, when you watch the back-and-forth the video for this interview below, you'll see there was some joking around. Yet what was said was said and the implication is that Universal is in fact not playing well with Marvel Studios when it comes to moving forward to get another solo movie made.

Studio head Kevin Feige has chimed in with his favorite comment, "Never say never."

While Marvel Studios can use the Hulk in co-starring roles in other heroes' films like he's been in THE AVENGERS, AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON and this fall's THOR: RAGNAROK, they cannot use him in a solo movie since Universal holds those exclusive live action movie rights for title features headlined only by the Hulk.

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