D23 Expo 2017: Here's What I Saw in THE INCREDIBLES 2 Clip Featuring Jack-Jack

Anaheim, Cali. -- THE INCREDIBLES 2 isn't out in theaters until next summer but Pixar showed the crowd the first look at a clip from the sequel and I was seated front and center to take in the animated superhero action.

If you don't want to know the details of this scene, then you should just stop reading right now.

First, a little set-up.

The sequel picks up right where the first movie ended but we weren't shown the heroic family versus the Underminer since we were shown something so much better... and so very funny! As you know from the short JACK-JACK ATTACK, the Parr's little baby definitely has superpowers. Part of the sequel is the fact the family still does not know this since Jack-Jack displayed his powers in front of his babysitter in the short.

In this clip we learn Bob is on the sidelines while his wife, Elastigirl, takes on a bigger and leading role in the movie. Bob is at home late one night asleep while he was supposed to be watching Jack-Jack. On the television is an old black and white movie featuring cops and robbers. The robber is wearing a bandit mask and Jack-Jack sees this right before hearing a noise outside in the backyard. He sees a raccoon in the garbage, and because the critter inherently has a bandit mask look, Jack-Jack goes on the attack.

Here's when we begin to see how powerful the baby really is as Jack-Jack phases through the glass door. The raccoon is unfazed but then Jack-Jack goes grabs a chicken leg from the animal and smacks the raccoon. He then uses his power of telekinesis to place the garbage lid back onto the can. The raccoon is unhappy and fights back. There's some punching and wrestling on the ground when Jack-Jack begins to exert his other powers like going "Human Torch" and being all in flames. The baby also learns he can shoot lasers out of his eyes and the raccoon bounces around trying to avoid getting blasted.

During Jack-Jack's battle, Bob wakes up and goes outside where he sees his baby son multiply into several copies of himself to outnumber and take on the pesky raccoon. Bob collects all his son's duplicates and Jack-Jack reverts back into his singular form with the raccoon running away.

Bob had no idea his son has powers so he screams with joy.

This clip was adorable, action-packed, funny and outright entertaining to see Jack-Jack use so many powers. It can be assumed he is the most powerful member of his family which should make for some, hopefully, great moments throughout the movie.

Other plot details were not disclosed so the real story of the sequel is still unknown, but getting more Jack-Jack will be a crowd pleaser as I personally could not stop smiling during the entire clip.

THE INCREDIBLES 2 releases in the U.S. on June 15, 2018.

Written by Daniel Wolf, DailySuperHero.com Founder & Publisher