Why I Have the Lowest of Low Expectations For Marvel's INHUMANS Show is Because of IRON FIST

Editorial: Look... I've said my piece on my dislike and boredom of Marvel's IRON FIST and you can click here to read all about it. However, I just had the realization the showrunner of IRON FIST is in the same role for Marvel's INHUMANS and this realization has removed pretty much all excitement I had for the new show this fall. The problem I have with IRON FIST was its storytelling, slow pacing and its writing; so I have a hard time not having a bad feeling that Scott Buck will bring the same boredom to INHUMANS. (And this is coming from someone who has read a lot of Inhumans comics and who also has their first appearance issue in Fantastic Four No. 45 [1965].)

Let me take you back to December 7, 2015 when Marvel officially announced Buck would be the showrunner for IRON FIST. Here's what Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb had to say about the addition of Buck:

“Scott came in with a take on Iron Fist that quite simply knocked us off our feet,” Loeb said. “We always look for the most creative minds in the field to help us bring our heroes to life, and with Scott we’ve found someone that can deliver yet another great series in the ongoing story of The Defenders.”

Buck added:

“I’ve always been drawn to writing complex, intriguing characters, and that’s what most excites me about the opportunity to bring Danny Rand and “Iron Fist” to life with Marvel on Netflix."

After seeing IRON FIST all I have to say is "YIKES!" when it comes to Buck and the misplaced hype in the quotes above because it was a big letdown. Sure, he could surprise everyone and create a good INHUMANS show, but his take on IRON FIST "knocked us off our feet" according to Loeb? Yikes again. Buck's take on the Danny Rand, and his story, was horrible and lacked the one thing it needed which was more Iron Fist mythology and supernatural martial arts elements many fans expected. 

Going into IRON FIST, Buck said he is "drawn to writing complex, intriguing characters..." Sure whatever Mr. Buck, you're credibility has taken a huge hit with me and I'm sure lots of other fans who expected more from you with IRON FIST.

Fast-forward to December 6, 2016 and it was announced how Buck would also be the showrunner for INHUMANS. Recently, there's been a lot of set photos from Hawaii during the filming of INHUMANS and some fans have expressed concern over the look of some of the lead characters. (Google it.)

I have taken all of this into account which unfortunately adds to my lack of any real excitement for INHUMANS. Plus, I'll be brutally honest in saying the only character I'm really looking forward to right now is Lockjaw. 

If Buck brings the same boring dialogue and storytelling he bought to IRON FIST, then I'll be very unhappy. Of course I'll watch the mini-series this fall but if it's as boring as IRON FIST, then the saying goes, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

Written by Daniel Wolf, DailySuperHero.com Founder & Publisher

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