Favorite Star Wars Celebration Orlando Exclusives Leading Up to the Big Event

Star Wars Celebration Orlando is prepping itself for all the highly anticipated reveals for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, the standalone HAN SOLO movie, STAR WARS: REBELS Season 4 and a whole lot more this week.

And of course DailySuperHero.com will be there front and center with photos from the showroom floor as well as pics and details from inside the biggest panels (when allowed)! So stay plugged into us on social media — Twitter: @DailySuperHero and on Facebook — to get your Star Wars fix when the convention starts this Thursday!

Leading into the big show here are some of my favorite exclusives and I hope to get my hands on at least a few of these:

HASBRO -- Black Series 40th Anniversary Luke as X-Wing Pilot 6" Carded Figure

LEGO -- Detention Block Rescue

HALLMARK -- Itty Bittys Carded Plushies

KOTOBUKIYA -- Triple Zero and Bee-Tee

GENTLE GIANT LTD. -- Trash Monster

To see all the other exclusives that will be at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, click right here.

Written by Daniel Wolf, DailySuperHero.com Founder & Publisher

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