IRON FIST Image Showing Avengers Tower is the Next Attempt of Trying to Validate the "It's All Connected" Tagline

When Marvel Studios began unleashing their cinematic universe onto fans, the tagline "It's all connected" was used often to imply how all its movies as well as Marvel TV's television shows and the Netflix series were in fact connected and in the same universe. However, after a couple of cameos by stars from the films in AGENTS OF SHIELD and some brief mentions of other characters in various show episodes, it really hasn't been as connected as the implication set it out to be.

Sure, it's kind of connected but it's a really loose interpretation of how it should be connected.

Which brings us to the latest reference of how Marvel's IRON FIST series on Netflix is connected to the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe. Again... it's a very loose implication because Avengers Tower can be seen in the latest IRON FIST banner (via IGN) even though it's unlikely to be seen in the Netflix show.

Maybe fans will see the tower in IRON FIST, when it premieres on Netflix on March 17, but don't get too excited for it because there's a much higher probability it won't get a mili-second of screen time. Although here's to hoping it does, regardless, because the lack of real connectivity has become somewhat of a joke between the movies, television shows and streaming series' even though they all try to be in the same universe.

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