LEGION Chapter 3 Teaser: "You Don't See Him?!" [Who is The Devil With The Yellow Eyes?]

The biggest mystery to come out of the first two chapters of FX's X-Men spin-off series LEGION is trying to figure out who is "The Devil with the Yellow Eyes." Two theories right now assume he could an adapted version of either Mojo or the Shadow King.

Both are characters from Marvel comics and Mojo seems to be tracking as the favorite guess online right now since he has yellow eyes in the comics who pretty much likes to watch others in other dimensions like it's his own version of reality television. And yes, he is an inter-dimensional weirdo. 

[To read more about Mojo on Marvel's character page, click right here. And to read more about Shadow King, click right here.]

Here's the Chapter 3 teaser which sees David asking the question, "You don't see him?!"