GWENPOOL Gets the Funko POP! Vinyl Treatment With Exclusives

In the comic book universe there hasn't been a new character who has captured fandom as fast as Gwenpool has. Initially created simply as a variant comic book cover for Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars No. 2 in June 2015, Gwenpool immediately become a hit with Marvel fans. She has grown in popularity so fast she got her own leading comic book title within a year's time debuting her solo book in April 2016.

That's a remarkable for any new Marvel comic character.

She is not Gwen Stacy and she does not have any super human powers. Her name is Gwen Poole and her main ability is her vast knowledge of the Marvel comic book universe. (Seriously, click here to read more about her origin.)

With her popularity skyrocketing, Marvel and Funko teamed up to bring fans and collectors the first Gwenpool POP! Vinyl figures coming to stores in February / March. Check them out and you can pre-order the first figure by clicking on the link below.

Click here to order.

Exclusive only at Toys R Us.

Unmasked exclusive only at Walgreens.

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