12 Days of Deadpool Tracker - Updated Daily!

Instead of publishing a new post everyday during the 12 Days of Deadpool, here is a tracker post that will be updated everyday for this promotion leading up to the release of a new trailer on December 25.

Day 1, Dec. 14: Deadpool shows off "his piece" in new movie poster, via EW.

Day 2, Dec. 15: Ryan Reynolds sits on the lap of the Santa Deadpool theater standee, GIF via People.

Ryan Reynolds Is Naughty and Nice Posing for Photos with His Deadpool Character: See the Goofy GIF!| Movie News, Ryan Reynolds

Day 3, Dec. 16:

Day 4, Dec. 17:

Day 5, Dec. 18:

Day 6, Dec. 19: Deadpool shares his notes on a DEADPOOL script page, via JoBlo.com.

Day 7, Dec. 20: A holiday letter recapping his 2015 via DeadpoolCore.com email subscribers.

Day 8, Dec. 21:  Deadpool emojis via Mashable.com!

Day 9, Dec. 22:

Day 10, Dec. 23: Enjoy the "Pool Log"...

Day 11, Dec. 24:

Day 12, Dec. 25:

All ages trailer...

Red band NSFW trailer...