Report: Alleged DEADPOOL Poster and Another Image With a Teddy Bear Who Must Have Pissed Off Deadpool

There's been a few official images for DEADPOOL released so far and some of them really show off the wacky humor that will be in the movie. Lying next to the fireplace in a sexy pose, on the toilet and delivering a baby are just a few of the fun imagery revealed so far.

A new report (via LR) has revealed two new images with Deadpool aiming his gun at a poor, innocent teddy bear that obviously pissed him off somehow. And another image might be the first poster but it could be fan made since it has the wrong release date.

Not sure why the release date says February 6, 2016 when it's releasing on the February 12. February 6 is a Saturday so that date makes no sense whatsoever which is why this image is a bit confusing.

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