Marvel TV Head Jeph Loeb Says JESSICA JONES is "More of a Psychological Thriller" Series

If studio head Kevin Feige is like the editor-in-chief of Marvel Studios then TV head Jeph Loeb is the editor-in-chief of Marvel Television. Both gentlemen are in charge of overseeing their respective content and story lines to create a singular cohesive universe where both the films and TV series co-exist.

Loeb recently spoke with ETOnline and hinted at some plot points for Marvel's next Netflix series JESSICA JONES starring actor Krysten Ritter.

"...Jessica Joneswas based on a much more adult comic. The source material came that way. She has real problems with a number of things that she abuses! And we’re not shying away from that. There’s no tidying her up. And Krysten Ritter is killingit. And when people get a hold of what David Tennant is doing as Killgrave... 
"When we first started talking about Daredevil, we promised that we were telling a story that was first a crime drama and then a superhero show. [JESSICA JONES] is more of a psychological thriller. This speaks to when you think about what happened to Jessica and what sort of destroyed her life and how she tried to put it together, and then to have to confront the person who deconstructed her world, that’s a very powerful, emotional place to start from. We just think people are going to be blowing through those. You get to the end of the first episode, and you go, "I need to know what the rest of the story is."

JESSICA JONES is currently filming and is slated for release exclusively on Netflix sometime in late 2015.