Still Don't Believe Marvel is Moving Away From the X-MEN and FANTASTIC FOUR? Check Out These Images For Proof

Disney and Marvel Entertainment really don't like 20th Century Fox and the fact they have the movie rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four. While the X-Men and Fantastic Four comics books and movie franchises still have a large fan base, Marvel isn't focusing on them when it comes to promotional artwork and merchandise.

This has been reported over and over again across the 'Net and The Daily SuperHero even wrote an editorial staying how this pissing contest between the two companies is only hurting the fans — click here to read it. But this is a real thing that is happening and all the doubters and those in denial only need to look at this visual proof.

Below are images (via MarvelStudios Subreddit) proving Marvel is angry at Fox and has removed the X-Men and Fantastic Four from marketing material and even clothing that has classic comic book covers where those covers have been altered to REMOVE X-Men and Fantastic Four characters.

First, here's a Marvel promo piece from 2007 with X-Men and Fantastic Four present and accounted for. (Right-click to enlarge the images.)

Next, here's the 2013 version with the X-Men and Fantastic Four moving back and away from the center.

Now look at the new 2015 version of this promo piece where there are no X-Men or Fantastic Four members at all.

But here's the kicker. Check out the removal of X-Men and Fantastic Four characters from classic comic book covers for t-shirts.

Do you now believe that Marvel and Fox are in a pissing contest? You should after seeing this.