CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Spoiler Alert! - The Winter Soldier Has the Most Important Role in the Film

Last week, The Daily SuperHero reported on several plot rumors for CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR from one of its production insiders. While nearly every other website ignored the rumors from that post — which is not surprising because most sites still don't believe that I have sources despite my fantastic scoop track record — the website LaineyGossip has corroborated some of the story rumors that I published (and that I didn't published because they were too spoiler-y) eight days ago.

So last week, I wrote that the Winter Soldier will play a huge role in the film and he will be a catalyst of the events that occur. I held back on other details because they were too much to reveal. Meanwhile, LaineyGossip must have heard the same things because they went ahead and opened that box of information and posted it to their website. Their info corroborates what I heard, but again, I didn't want to open things up to all the info but alas I will now.

While this report should be considered rumor right now, due to the fact Marvel Studios can and will change things during filming and in post-production, here is a SPOILER ALERT for those fans who just don't want to know any potential details.

Read on after the image, if you dare... You've been warned.

The Winter Soldier is the key player in Civil War. He is not only trying to find his identity but he is in hiding. Crossbones is working with Baron Zemo and they need more highly-skilled operatives on their side because Hydra is becoming an increasingly smaller organization. So Crossbones and Zemo devise a plan to lure the Winter Soldier and capture him. This is being done in order to brainwash the Winter Soldier into being a Hydra assassin once again. (They probably don't succeed with this plan.)

Meanwhile, Captain America and Falcon are still trying to locate the Winter Soldier so Cap can help him rehab his brain and get his old friend Bucky back. Then, Tony Stark finds out his parents were assassinated by the Winter Soldier and he wants him to answer for his past crimes despite being Hyrda's brainwashed zombie. But here's a big side note that I've been told: Whether or not the assassination info Stark found was in the leaked SHIELD database by Black Widow or it is false info planted by Zemo to manipulate Stark into believing a false truth... is unknown. This plot point can go one way or the other since Marvel has a few fluid story moments that can change depending on how the film comes together during production and editing.

Also, it has been previously reported that the Black Panther is hunting on the lookout for the Winter Soldier. As of right now, no details were provided to me as to why the Winter Soldier is on the radar of the Black Panther but it's been implied that it could be due to T'Chaka (Black Panther's father) being assassinated by the Winter Soldier. This could lead to the Black Panther being swayed to the side of Stark since they both lost loved ones by the brainwashed Winter Soldier. (This is some loose info I was told with some added speculation on my part.)

Finally, here is a piece of info reported by LaineyGossip that I have not heard from my own insider.

“Civil War is a critical moment for Sebastian Stan and Bucky Barnes—he has to get everyone on his side by the end of this movie, because his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get a lot bigger.”

The implication here is that the Winter Soldier could take over Cap's shield at the end of Civil War. Actor Sebastian Stan did sign a nine-picture deal with Marvel Studios so his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will only get bigger and more important. If this means Cap will die in Civil War, as he did in the comic book story, remains to be seen but do not doubt a different scenario where Cap gets fed up with Stark and today's government structure and he quits being Captain America. This would lead to a need for a new carrier of the shield and perhaps a reformed/rehabbed Winter Soldier is that man for the job at the end of the film.

Lots of "grain of salt" with all of this so take this info as you will, but don't be surprised when some of it becomes true, too.

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