Marvel Teases SPIDER-HAM and the PET AVENGERS in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN and Needs to Make it a Series

Sometimes an idea comes along that is so brilliant that it needs to be expanded on. This is the case in the latest episode of the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man. In the latest Web Warriors episode, "The Spider-Verse Part 2," Spider-Man goes to an alternate dimension where that universe's Spider-Man is actually the one and only Spider-Ham.

If you're not familiar with Spider-Ham he is the pig version of Spidey and goes by the alter-ego of Peter Porker. In the episode, Spider-Ham's reality was a Looney Tunes parody and he was even seen for a brief moment with his fellow Pet Avengers!

Spider-Ham and the Pet Avengers should be considered for its own standalone animated series or at least a series of short animated episodes similar to Cartoon Network's Teen Titans Go! or their DC Super Pets shorts. Fingers crossed.

Finally, check out the cameo of the Pet Avengers (Assembled!), via screenshot from my TV, with Spider-Ham, Captain Americat, Hulk Bunny, Iron Mouse and Throg (Frog Thor).

Please, please, please Marvel... I'm begging you to make this happen.