AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Will Delve into the Internal Conflict of HULK vs. BRUCE BANNER

Right before the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International, actor Mark Ruffalo teased Bruce Banner and Hulk's relationship in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The following quotes are what he said in late July when he teased about how Hulk is afraid of Banner (yes, you read that correctly).

"There’s a very cool thing happening: Hulk is as afraid of Banner as Banner is afraid of Hulk. 
"[Y]ou haven’t really been able to get inside of Hulk’s head, because the [cinematic] technology wasn’t available to make it nuanced enough to do that, and now it is. So now I think there’s a way to do it. Both of these guys are obviously the same guy, and they have got to come to peace somehow with each other. And I think that this confrontation is building along the lines of this film. He’s terrified of [Banner].

"What makes Hulk afraid? It’s himself. It’s a version of himself that’s weak. It’s a version of himself that’s vulnerable. It’s a child inside of him. It’s very interesting, and I’m stumbling on this. And I don’t know if this is where the next version will go. But if it is in the cards that we’re doing the next version of this, I see some fertile ground there."

In a new interview, via ScreenCrush, Ruffalo teased more about this internal conflict between Banner and Hulk.

"I think Banner and Hulk kinda have come to a d├ętente. But, there is a confrontation, uh, brewing between the Hulk consciousness and the Banner consciousness that we’re starting to head into right now. The more [Banner] turns as the Hulk, the more established the Hulk becomes in his identity. And so you have these two identities that really wanna dominate the other. 
"But, they’re gonna’ have to work it out ‘cause there’s serious tension there and it’s only growing.”

It's seems to be a mystery where this Banner vs. Hulk conflict is going right now and this is quickly developing into one of the most anticipated (at least for me) story lines in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Avengers: Age of Ultron releases in theaters on May 1, 2015.

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