THE FANTASTIC FOUR: Leaked Set Photos of DR. DOOM (Or a Doom Bot), Pre-CG HUMAN TORCH and THING

Curious to know what Dr. Doom looks like in The Fantastic Four reboot? The UK website Geek Pride claims to have photos of him!

These on set pics are from a source the website claims worked (or maybe even still works) on the production and wanted to remain anonymous and these photos look pretty legit. If by any chance this a hoax, then someone took a lot time and resources to deliver.

But seriously this looks like a charred Dr. Doom in a scene with a pre-CG Human Torch attached to wires in one image. In another image, the site claims it's a pre-CG Thing who is about to face-off against Dr. Doom.

Another theory The Daily SuperHero will throw into the mix is that this could be a Doom Bot.

UPDATE: Word on the street is that Fox is sending out Cease & Desist letters to pull down these images. In other words, that's confirmation that these set pics are definitely real.

Here's a screenshot from the website's post...

If you want to see hi-res images, click right here to check them out... before they're removed by Fox.

The Fantastic Four is set to release in theaters on June 19, 2015.