STAR WARS EPISODE VII Rumors: Millennium Falcon Pilot, TIE Fighters and a Super Star Destroyer

Fans and certain members of the media have been wondering when the flood gates would break open with Star Wars Episode VII rumors. Yesterday was that day with multiple websites posting their Star Wars rumor posts. Today is another day and more rumors are bouncing around.

If you don't want to read any potential SPOILERS for Star Wars Episode VII, STOP NOW. Otherwise, read on at your own risk.

According to the website, their source has provided information about some of the spaceships that will be seen in the new movie. The website wrote:

"According to my sources Han and Chewie are piloting a Super Star Destroyer. 
"I believe the [Millennium] Falcon is in the hands of Oscar Isaac's character, who is very much the Lando Calrissian of this movie - all the way down to wearing a cape.

"There are other familiar spaceships in this movie, incuding three variations on TIE Fighters. There's the classic design, the TIE Interceptor and a new generation TIE Bomber - the pods on these are stacked, not side-by-side. 
"Oh, and back to Han - you will get to see him use a lightsaber once again."

As it's been said with all the other recent Star Wars Episode VII posts, take this as rumor... at least for now.

Star Wars Episode VII releases in theaters on December 18, 2015.