STAR WARS EPISODE VII: Are These Leaked Set Photos From Inside of the Millennium Falcon?

Back in June 2014, TMZ published leaked images of the Millennium Falcon on a sound stage in London for Star Wars Episode VII. Now, it seems like another crew member (or whoever) didn't get the memo to not take set photos because more alleged set pics may have leaked and this time from inside of the Millennium Falcon.

In order to not get shut down or be sued, The Daily SuperHero will not post these images and you can click right here to see the rest of them over on At least while they're still online and not pulled down by the Mouse's lawyers.

It seems plausible that this is indeed a leaked image from inside of the Falcon's cockpit due to the green screen. In the original Star Wars Trilogy, blue screen was used as its Chroma Key for post-production effects. Trivia fact: The use of blue screen was the reason Luke Skywalker's squadron color in A New Hope was changed from blue to red so the Chroma Key/blue screen didn't affect the color association.

Star Wars Episode VII is set to release in theaters on December 18, 2015.

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