Some of My Favorites: Super Hero Parody Runs Rampant Throughout THE SIMPSONS' 25 Seasons

If you didn't already know, FXX has been airing their 12-day-long The Simpsons marathon which consists of starting with its first season and playing every episode in order and straight through to the end of their 25th season. They will also air The Simpsons Movie exactly when it released in theaters too. It's a 12-day event unlike anything ever seen in television history and once it ends, the network will then air daily blocks of episodes... forever.

Usually I don't write up posts like this on The Daily SuperHero but after not changing my TV from this marathon binge-viewing session since it began, there have been some great super hero parodies throughout the series (and in its comic books). So I wanted to share some of my favorites. Obviously, I already started with this post's lead image of Bartman because... well... he's Bartman.  :) 

Mr. Burns as 'Fruit Bat Man' - Season 24, Episode 16: "Dark Knight Court."

Iron Lung - Season 24, Episode 16: "Dark Knight Court."

Maggie as BrainBaby - Bartman comic book issue No. 3.

Dr. Nick as Doctor Strange Doctor - Simpsons Super Spectacular comic book issue No. 11.

And my all-time personal favorite Simpson hero, who should be included in at least one episode, is Ralph Wiggum as Gluestick from the Simpsons Super Spectacular comic book issue No. 11.

And here are a few super hero appearances from throughout multiple episodes of The Simpsons.