Marvel Studios Moving Forward With an INHUMANS Movie and to Start Shopping For a Director Soon

Marvel Studios took a huge risk on Guardians of the Galaxy. That risk paid off now that Guardians of the Galaxy is officially a huge hit in the box office and a sequel is already green lit for July 28, 2017. Because of the success of Guardians, Marvel is ready to make another big risky movie decision about another lesser known team.

The Inhumans.

According to, Marvel is moving forward with an Inhumans movie and will use a script written by Joe Robert Cole as a means to start shopping for either a director or a writer/director combo to helm Marvel's next risky move. The website also points out how this is very similar to what happened when Marvel started moving forward with Guardians. Guardians original script/story writer Nicole Perlman and Inhumans script/story writer Cole came out of the same Marvel writing program from a few years back which was created to find more characters in their Marvel comics universe who could be turned into potential films.

The Inhumans are a group of super humans who gained their powers from the Terrigen Mist. However, the mist is a natural mutagen and since Fox owns the Marvel movie rights to all-things mutant, the origin of the Inhumans may have to be slightly adapted to not use any form of the word mutant.

For those not familiar with the Inhumans, the team first appeared in an issue of Fantastic Four in 1965 and the team (technically it's called the Royal Family) consists of Black Bolt, Medusa, Karnak, Gorgon, Triton, Crystal, Maximus the Mad and their canine Lockjaw. To read more about the Inhumans, head over to Marvel's webpage by clicking right here.

It has to be more than coincidence that this news is coming out right now and only a few days after Vin Diesel hinted at a potential Inhumans role...

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