Marvel Comics to Explore Venom's Home Planet For the First Time in PLANET VENOM Story Arc

Back in 1984, Marvel comic book creators Randy Schueller (original idea), David Michelinie, Mike Zeck (alien costume design) and Todd McFarlane (Venom's appearance) all had a hand in creating the Spider-Man villain Venom. Since his creation, Venom has been one of the most popular Marvel villains in their entire comic book universe stable.

One thing is still uncertain about Venom... where did the symbiote come from? We know he came from space but that about wraps up his origin tale. Until now.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis will pen a new, expanded origin tale for Venom starting in the Marvel NOW Guardians of the Galaxy #21. This will be the start of a three-issue story arc where the Guardians and Agent Venom go to Planet Venom.

“There are major questions about the symbiote that have never been touched upon," Bendis said in an exclusive interview with MTV. "And it’s not even retconning it’s flat out conning, it was just not there. So it’s all additive and I just love that stuff.”

Could this mean one of the Guardians might get taken over by a symbiote when they visit Planet Venom? That remains to be seen but the potential for Rocket Raccoon or Groot with a symbiote on either one of them for a quick moment would make for a few adorable comic book art panels art.

Click here to read all of Bendis' interview with MTV.

Could any of this affect future Venom movies or Spider-Man movie plot lines? Maybe but definitely not for a few years.