Case Closed: Katee Sackhoff is Not Teasing a CAPTAIN MARVEL (or MS. MARVEL) Costume Fitting - UPDATE

There's been rumors for quite some time claiming actor Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) was in the running to be Marvel Studios' Carol Danvers. Or if you don't know her by that name, Danvers is Ms. Marvel who is also known as Captain Marvel in the comics universe right now.

Studio president Kevin Feige is constantly hit with questions about when fans will see Marvel's first female led movie and his response has consistently been that it will happen when the perfect story is found for a female hero movie. Well, it seems like that time could be nearing faster than expected.

On Sackhoff's Twitter account, she is posting clues about a new secret project she is currently preparing for over the next three days. So let's get into some investigative work and speculate!

Here's her first two image clues on of her prep work. (Updates are below these first two images.)

As you can see in the first image, a mold of her head is being made. In the film business this is usually done by costume departments to have a mold on hand so costume props can be made for an actor's exact size and fit. The fact that both her nose and mouth are exposed could mean that a helmet similar to Captain Marvel's current mask is being designed (for reference, see that helmet in the lead image of this post). In the second image, the color scheme seems to be somewhat of a match to Captain Marvel's current comic book costume.

UPDATE #1: This third image shows her with what looks like a Muslim-inspired veil over her face which might be a hint at Ms. Marvel since the current Ms. Marvel comic book has a leading female, who is Muslim. Again, just more speculation.

UPDATE #2: Case closed. Katee just posted that she's not teasing a future Marvel movie. (Boo. Hiss.)

Or maybe... just maybe... this is a conspiracy plot to throw off fans. Anything is possible when it comes to a Marvel Studios movie since, in the past, actors have publicly lied about future roles.

Until any official announcement is made, I will take Katee's word and say this case is closed.

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