Anthony Mackie Wants to See Sebastian Stan as CAPTAIN AMERICA Before He Holds the Shield

By the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier non-comic book readers were shown that the Winter Soldier was actually Steve Rogers' old friend Bucky Barnes. Thought to have perished after falling off a Hydra train in Captain America: The First Avenger, Bucky was brainwashed and made into an assassin by Hydra while also being cryogenically frozen and thawed whenever the most dangerous assassination missions arose.

After his battle with Cap, the Winter Soldier's memories began coming back and he saved Rogers' life at the end of the sequel. This left the movie on a cliffhanger ending with Rogers turning to Falcon to tell him it's time to go to work to find the Winter Soldier.

In the comic book universe, the Winter Soldier does become one of the good guys and eventually dons the mantle of Captain America when Cap is "killed" by Crossbones. Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier actor Sebastian Stan signed on for an astounding 9-picture movie deal with Marvel Studios so its seems evident that he'll eventually take over for actor Chris Evans when Evans' contract expires.

Currently in the comics universe, Falcon is set to become the new Captain America. And while fans took to social media to voice their personal opinions of the change, spoke with Falcon actor Anthony Mackie about the possibility of taking over as Cap for Evans in a future movie.

“I don’t know. I mean I’m excited about it. I think if it goes that way in the movies that it would take a long time, because there’s so many evolutions before that. You know, I’m excited to see Sebastian play Cap. I think Sebastian’s a great actor. But I love seeing Chris Evans as Cap, so I feel like they can go any way they want. I’m enjoying my part beside Cap. I’m in no rush to be Cap.”

By the sound of Mackie's comment, Stan will most likely take his turn as Cap after Evans' contract expires before Mackie gets his shot at holding the shield. But anything is possible in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and what happens in the comic book universe doesn't also get mirrored in the MCU.