ANT-MAN: Actor Paul Rudd's Scott Lang Has Been Seen on Set Being Kind of Shady

Marvel's Ant-Man is filming in San Francisco and while no definitive on location reports have been able to confirm specific scene details, fan photos and video may have revealed minor details of what is being filmed. Obviously, if you don't want to know potential scene details for Ant-Man then this is when you stop reading.

Wait a moment, there was one fan observational report claiming there were old school delivery trucks in one scene so perhaps that's for a brief flashback scene, which has been rumored. But let's get to actor Paul Rudd's character, Scott Lang, and the shady-like things he's been seen doing on set.

First, there is the official first image of Rudd as Lang and he is looking beat up in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. He is also seen holding a duffel bag in this first image.

Marvel Studios has already confirmed Ant-Man is a heist movie and Lang is a ex-con and thief and it seems like his time in jail may not have helped reform the criminal. Quick side note: In the comics Lang is also an ex-con and thief and when his daughter becomes ill, Lang goes back to the life of crime in order to help pay her medical bills. This concept seems to be mirrored in the film as well.

The next bit of shadiness seen on the set of Ant-Man comes in the form of a few images below. In these images, via SuperHeroHype, Lang appears to be looking around to see if he is being followed or anyone is watching him before locking or unlocking a door.

The final bit of shady activity comes courtesy of a fan video showing Lang walking into an alley where a laundry service employee dropping a bag and continues to walk away from the bag. Lang approaches the bag and picks it up.

All of this adds up to some intriguing elements for Ant-Man. Lang seems to be characterized along the lines of being more of an anti-hero hero in the film. Just like in the comic book story arc 'To Steal and Ant-Man,' which introduces Lang.

Ant-Man is set to release in theaters on July 17, 2015.

Check out the above-referenced photos and fan video below...

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