If GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is a Hit, James Gunn Will Return to Direct the Sequel

Asking if Guardians of the Galaxy will become Marvel Studios' 10th blockbuster hit in a row is like asking if water is wet. It seems like a foregone conclusion that Guardians of the Galaxy will indeed be the studio's 10th hit in a row, especially after the Los Angeles press screened the film. On social media, a high percentage of them all agree... director James Gunn hit a home run!

When Guardians starts raking in the box office cash there will most likely be internal conversations about moving forward with a Guardians sequel. However, Marvel might already be moving forward with Guardians of the Galaxy 2 after they secured five new movie release dates for untitled films between 2017 and 2019 last night.

Could a sequel be announced soon with Gunn attached to direct it as well? Most definitely.

This shouldn't surprise anyone because right after Captain America: The Winter Soldier was in theaters Marvel Studios made a quick announcement that they were bringing the Russo brothers back to direct Captain America 3. Now, it sounds like Marvel and Gunn have already been talking.

In an appearance on the Adam Carolla Show Gunn confirmed—if it's a hit—he will return to direct Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and continue expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe's space adventures.

“I’m actually in a somewhat weird position, because if [Guardians of the Galaxy] does well, then I’m going to make the sequel. And if it does okay then I’ve already been offered other movies. But I can only do those movies if I don’t do the sequel. So it’s a weird situation.”

If Gunn is so candid about taking the helm for another Guardians movie, you can bet he's already talked to Marvel Studios executives about it. And if there's been talks, then it's a safe bet the studio knows they have another franchise hit on their hands even before it's out in theaters on August 1.

Does this mean a sequel could be "Guardians of the Galaxy: Planet Hulk," which is heavily rumored and making the rounds in the rumor mill the past few weeks? Maybe. 

Comic-Con is right around the corner, so there's a chance Marvel might make a Guardians sequel official at some point during their panel. Stay tuned because this story is starting to gain some traction.