Marvel Studios Secures Release Dates Through 2019; Phase 3 Looks to Have 9 Movie Releases

It's not even the week of the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con and Marvel Studios has been, and still is, owning the headlines. Next up on the official news docket, the studio has locked in movie release dates through 2019!


"While we can't tell you just what they are yet, you can look forward to new films hitting theaters July 28 and November 3, 2017; July 6 and November 2, 2018; and May 3, 2019."

Obviously, Marvel will fill in some of these release dates with actual movies next week at Comic-Con but it seems like The Avengers 3 will be the closure of their Phase 3 movies and it is also assumed that the May 3, 2019 date will be the Avengers threequel release.

One thing to to note about these release dates is that IF that May 3, 2019 release date is for The Avengers 3, then Phase 3 will have more movie releases than any of the previous Phases with nine total movies as in Phase 1 and 2. And there will be three Marvel Studios movies coming out in 2017!

Phase 1 had six movies: 
Iron Man
The Incredible Hulk
Iron Man 2
Captain America: The First Avenger
The Avengers

Phase 2 has five movies: 
Iron Man 3
Thor: The Dark World
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Guardians of the Galaxy
Avengers: Age of Ultron

Phase 3 looks like it will have NINE movies: 
Ant-Man (July 17, 2015)
Captain America 3 (May 6, 2016)
Presumably Doctor Strange on July 8, 2016
Presumably Thor 3 on May 5, 2017
Untitled on July 28, 2017
Untitled on November 3, 2017
NEWLY ADDED! Untitled on May 4, 2018
Untitled on July 6, 2018
Untitled on November 2, 2018
Presumably The Avengers 3 on May 3, 2019

Untitled movie possibilities include: Black Widow, Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, The Inhumans, Nova, The Incredible Hulk 2 and perhaps something else that surprises fans from left field. Like how Guardians of the Galaxy came out of nowhere when it was announced.

Again, some speculation by me that the May 3, 2019 date is set for The Avengers 3 but it make sense for such a huge blockbuster movie to start the 2019 summer movie season. And previous Avengers movies have had an early May release too.

Is it time for Marvel Studios' panel at Comic-Con yet?!

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