Despite Delays and Changes, ANT-MAN Still on Track For its July 2015 Release Unless Filming Doesn't Start in August

Marvel Studios is no stranger to production issues, delays and last minute changes to its past movies. From last minute director changes to last minute actor swaps these are things that plague every studio in Hollywood. Some of these changes may be publicized more than others.

However, Ant-Man has probably had more issues going through the development and pre-production process than any other Marvel Studios film before it. Since its development began sometime around 2005-2006 with writer/director Edgar Wright at the helm, Ant-Man has taken the slow and steady path to being green lit by Marvel Studios. Initially slated to begin filming at Atlanta's new Pinewood Studios location at the end of May 2014, Marvel and Wright have parted ways along with several other members of Wright's Ant-Man production staff due to creative differences.

Since the departure of Wright, writer Adam McKay (Anchorman) has rewrote Wright's script and Marvel has just hired two new writers to give it 11th hour rewrites and to act as on location script doctor's when Ant-Man starts filming. Ant-Man is currently on track to start filming in Atlanta in August 2014.

Some fans have expressed deep concerns about Ant-Man and how things have fallen apart in the last few months. Logically speaking, those fans have a right to be.

Now, one of The Daily SuperHero's production insiders has told me there is nothing to be concerned about... right now. It was also told to me the CG team for Ant-Man has already been hard at work for about a month now. Plus, my insider said if Ant-Man does not start filming in August, only then should fans be concerned. The insider finally said if Ant-Man gets delayed again then its July 17, 2015 release date may be pushed back too.

Unless another delay happens to the filming start date of Ant-Man, fans should still expect it to hit its release date. An 11-month production and filming window may seem small for a big budget movie to be made but even Captain America: The Winter Soldier only had a window of approximately 13 months. So it's doable as long as director Peyton Reed is all caught up with sleeping.

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