DEADPOOL Solo Movie Test Footage Gets Leaked! UPDATE: Fox is Trying to Take All Videos Down, Good Luck

A Deadpool solo movie. Fans want it badly and 20th Century Fox hasn't green lit it yet because they reportedly don't want it to be Rated-R. In 2013, Director Tim Miller filmed test footage for a Deadpool movie with actor Ryan Reynolds and there's only been descriptions of the test footage. Until now.

Someone has leaked the Deadpool movie test footage and you can see it below, but HURRY because Fox has been taking it down as quickly as fans repost it online.

If you don't get a chance to see the footage, below there's a couple of screenshots from the footage.

UPDATE: Sorry to those who didn't see the test footage but Fox has pulled it. If you want to read a description of the footage, click right here. But if you search on YouTube, you'll find another video of this posted since fans are reposting it as fast as Fox is pulling them down. Good luck Fox but Pandora's Box has already been opened.

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