Comic-Con 2014: Evangeline Lilly Confirmed in ANT-MAN as Hank Pym's Daughter Hope van Dyne - UPDATED

The mystery is over. LOST and The Hobbit Trilogy's Evangeline Lilly is officially a member of the Ant-Man cast.

Many fans assumed she could be cast as Janet van Dyne, also known as Wasp, but she has been cast as Janet's daughter Hope Pym. In the comics, Hope is the daughter of Janet and Hank Pym. Whether or not Hope will become the film adaptation of the Wasp is unknown.

UPDATE: Marvel had a mix-up with their official press release and initially said she was Hope Pym but have clarified this and confirmed Lilly is Hope van Dyne, and not Hope Pym.

Ant-Man will start filming on August 18 in Atlanta and is set to release in theaters on July 17, 2015.

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