Fox Producer is Hopeful For DEADPOOL, GAMBIT and MYSTIQUE Spin-Off Movies Soon

Currently, 20th Century Fox is in its marketing push for X-Men Days of Future Past which hits theaters on May 23. The studio has also green lit X-Men: Apocalypse for 2016 and is developing a sequel to 2013's The Wolverine as well as a hopeful X-Force movie. Not to mention they are set to begin production on a Fantastic Four reboot in the coming days/weeks and have (hopeful) plans for a sequel to Marvel's first family as well.

But Fox's plans may not stop with all those films. According to long time X-Men producer Laura Shuler Donner solo spin-off movies could be coming very soon too.

“There was a regime [at the studio] that didn’t see the worth in [spin-offs], and the current people who run Fox understand, embrace it, and we’re going to do right by it,” says Donner, to Entertainment Weekly magazine. “I’d like to do Gambit. I’d like to do Deadpool. We’ll see. There’s a lot of really great characters.”

With Mystique playing a major role in X-Men Days of Future Past, Donner also mentions how she could get a solo film, too.

"I love what Jen Lawrence has done with [Mystique], and I feel like because she is in such a crowded ensemble, there’s so much more opportunity if you were to follow her solo.”

A month or so ago, Donner mentioned how she'd love actor Channing Tatum to be Gambit. And a Deadpool solo movie has been in production purgatory due to either a rumored issue with its script being R-rated, and the studio wanting PG-13, or perhaps due to Disney and Marvel Entertainment not wanting an R-rating. Either way it seems like if Deadpool ever gets his own film, it will probably be PG-13 in theaters with an R-rated Director's Cut or Unrated Blu Ray home release.

In the end, hearing Donner talking more and more about X-Men spin-offs is a telling sign that Fox executives and its X-producers are getting close to pushing out a lot more X-films very, very soon.