Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Exclusive! Marvel and Pixar to Bring THE PET AVENGERS to the Big Screen [April Fools 2014]

While Marvel Studios is currently being silent about their live action movie plans after Ant-Man, Pixar is not. Currently, Marvel and Pixar are both prepping Big Hero 6 for release this fall but there's more coming.

After reaching out to Pixar reps for any information regarding Big Hero 6, the animation studio couldn't say anything but instead gave The Daily SuperHero an exclusive about what is coming next. And it's very, very cool because Pixar is so happy working with Marvel that they are already developing their next film together which is The Pet Avengers!

You heard that right, The Pet Avengers are coming to the big screen.

So who are The Pet Avengers? Well, it's as simple as saying its a team of Marvel super hero pets who have had to come together to fight off a menacing threat to the pet world. No details about who the villainous pet will be or who the team will actually consist of.

The main Pet Avengers' team members in the comics universe are Throg (also know as Frog Thor), Lockheed (Kitty Pryde's dragon), Lockjaw (Inhumans leader Black Bolt's dog) and several others. At the very least fans should hope these three are present in Marvel and Pixar's next big screen animated adventure.

When will The Pet Avengers hit the big screen? Probably no sooner than 2018 since it does take several years of production for most animated features. But sadly, you'll be waiting even longer since this is...

(This is one of those jokes that Marvel fans should hope becomes truth, eventually.)

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