Wednesday, March 26, 2014

INDIANA JONES to Get 'the James Bond Recasting Treatment' With Bradley Cooper if Harrison Ford Can't do it? Makes Sense

One of the timeless movie franchises ever made is Indiana Jones. Filmed as period pieces on real sets with practical special effects, the Indy franchise can hold up over time and never look dated. Indy was creator George Lucas' ode to the serial films of Hollywood's early days and because he took this approach, Indy will live on forever.

But when Lucas and director Steven Spielberg decided to bring Indy back for a fourth film, it lacked the same feel as the original trilogy. Perhaps it was due to the alien MacGuffin and alien plot, or maybe due to a weak attempt at Harrison Ford passing the torch to Shia "I'm not famous" LaBeouf. Although the movie was so eagerly anticipated by fans it still made three-quarters of a billion dollars in the worldwide box office.

Now Disney has full control of the franchise and will capitalize on it. Last October, The Daily SuperHero was the first website to report that Disney was having conversations about more Indiana Jones films behind closed doors. That scoop was confirmed and now a new report claims Disney could take a path for the Indy franchise that mirrors how the Jams Bond franchise has been able to last for so long.

According to Latino-Review, who are proven to be more right than wrong when it comes to their casting scoops, Harrison Ford has an Indiana Jones deadline as an actor which is mainly due to his age and if another big screen adventure cannot come together soon then Indiana Jones will be recast. The site also reports that Disney is already eyeing up actor Bradley Cooper as a potential replacement for Ford.

Cooper is as hot of an acting commodity in Hollywood as there is after having Oscar nominating performances the last two years. He has an ability to act in dramas, comedy and even action films so he could be a solid choice as being a successor to Ford. However, being a successor to a huge pop culture icon like Indiana Jones is not an easy task. If Bond can do it over and over again, then there's no reason Indy cannot do the same.