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Mattel's Matty Collector just premiered a new action figure line that many collectors have been dying to have come out for years. A vintage-styled Super Powers Collection action figure line is officially coming soon!

Originally produced by Kenner in the 80s, the Super Powers toy line are some of the most sought after DC super hero figures... ever. Vintage, unopened figures go for a good amount of cash too.

There will be two waves of three 6-inch figures in each wave with brand new sculpts. Wave 1 will come out in September and include: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Wave 2 in October and includes: Gold Superman, The Riddler and Mr. Mxyzptlk. When you collect all you can build-a-figure which is Kalibak!

Check out the below photos of the new Super Powers line. More photos will be updated to this post and they are released.

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