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Let's face the facts here for a moment ... Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the most anticipated films this year mainly due to the fact it is was a somewhat unknown super hero team by many comic book fans before it was announced to be a live action film. And because there's a tree-like alien monster known as Groot, as well as a little gun-toting badass named Rocket Raccoon.

This weekend's upcoming Toy Fair 2014 convention starts on Sunday and this means lots of fans are eagerly waiting to see the new toy lines for Guardians of the Galaxy. We have already seen the new 6-inch Marvel Legends line for the movie and next up is the LEGO building set toy line.

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Originally posted online by USA Today, and with two more sets to be revealed this weekend, check out the hi-res images for the new Milano Spaceship Rescue set below. This new set will be priced at $74.99 and include mini-figures for Star-Lord, Drax, Gamora, Ronan and a Sakaaran soldier.

[Hi-res images source: Marvelous News]