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This is not the Ghostbusters news you've been waiting for. And this is definitely not a false report about Ghostbusters 3 being green lit or possibly filming in Cleveland, but this is definitely about the franchise's 30th anniversary. And merchandise. Lots of merch.

First, let's sit back and think about this anniversary... Ghostbusters is 30-years-old this year. I remember being a child and being completely enamored with Ghostbusters when growing up in the early 80s. But seriously, if there's one thing that can make me feel old it's anniversaries like this one.

But let me get to the point of this post. Sony has announced a big merchandise push this year to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters. According to MediaConnectionOnline.com, Sony has signed new licensing deals for anniversary merch with Mattel, IDW Publishing, Diamond Select, Funko and many other manufacturers.  Plus, it sounds like Sony may be pushing for more Ghostbusters video games since they've partnered up with Ubisoft (Atari made the last Ghostbusters game, by the way) as well as several other gaming developers including a slot machine company too!

All of this will build up to the 2014 San Diego Comic Con this summer. Whether or not this could lead to an announcement of a third Ghostbusters film is unknown but Comic Con is definitely the place to announce such a thing. In the meantime, we will wait impatiently for that announcement from Sony.