ANT-MAN Plot Rumor: Will the Movie Start in the 1960s Then Move to Modern Day?

Currently there are only two confirmed actors who are attached to Marvel's Ant-Man; Paul Rudd will be Scott Lang and Michael Douglas will be Hank Pym. While rumors are flying around about other actors being targeted by Marvel Studios, this is all the studio has officially confirmed, as of the publishing of this post.  But this lack of casting news won't last long since Ant-Man reportedly begins filming as soon as this April in Atlanta.

While fans are waiting for more confirmed casting announcements, many are trying to figure out how this "heist movie" will come into play on the big screen. According to a source of the website This Is Infamous, some plot details might have been revealed.

Ant-Man is said to start in the 1960s with a young Hank Pym as a spy. (If true, it can be assumed Pym is working for what might become S.H.I.E.L.D.) Then fast-forward to present day and we will see an aging Pym, portrayed by Douglas, and an introduction to Rudd's Lang. There is also said to be two villains with one seen in the 60s and another in present day of whom Lang will encounter and have to deal with.

Now this information needs to be taken with the knowledge that Marvel has not confirmed anything, nor will they when it comes to the plot/script, but the part about the "heist" is still missing. We can all assume this is when Lang steals Pym's Ant-Man suit and by the end of the film Pym "passes the torch" and Lang becomes the modern day Ant-Man. Again, just a bunch of The Daily SuperHero's own speculation and nothing more in those last sentences.

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Ant-Man releases in theaters on July 31, 2015.