GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Call Sheet Reveals Korbinite Alien Race, Is BETA RAY BILL Coming?

Right away, this post is pure speculation based on a new report from a call sheet that was online for Guardians of the Galaxy but has since been removed from the source website. According to a CBM report, a call sheet on the website revealed some minor details about the Guardians of the Galaxy production.

"'Peter Quill leaving Bereet, then flirting with Ti Asha on his way to a Broker's Shop,' while the second follows, 'Rocket Raccoon's vid shield Point-of-View of Peter Quill, Bereet and Ti Asha.'"

Nothing too revealing about this information except for one thing. In the comic universe, Ti Asha is the last female of an alien race known as the Korbinites. Comic fans should know where this is leading to since the most famous Korbinite is their race's champion... Beta Ray Bill. (Click right here to learn more about BRB.)

Now this is only implying that Beta Ray Bill might eventually make an appearance in Marvel's Cinematic Universe but the fact Guardians of the Galaxy reportedly will show Star-Lord flirting with a Korbinite is a small hint that Thor's Thunder God brother may soon get his own debut on the big screen. Also in the comics, Beta Ray Bill has worked with various members of the Guardians in the past so this speculation really is not much of a stretch or a reach.

Keep your fingers crossed Beta Ray Bill fans because nothing is certain right now but things might be looking good for future movies. How about "Thor: The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill" in Phase 3? Or do you remember The Daily SuperHero's April Fool's Day prank that fooled many? Click the link below for that.

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Stay tuned...