GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Theory: What Does "Full Tilt" Mean and is the Production Company a Plot Clue?

Guardians of the Galaxy begins filming in the U.K. today marking Marvel Studios' most risky movie project to date. At least per some critics and fans.

One of the things Marvel does is issue working titles and they create new production company LLC's for every movie they produce. This is done to keep some secrecy during filming and protects Marvel Entertainment and Disney, respectively.

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Guardians is no different. Marvel Studios announced the working title for GotG is "Full Tilt" and its production company is called Infinity Works Production UK Limited.

Some fans are curious as to what the "Full Tilt" working title is referencing to, since past working titles have had some witty references to Marvel's past movies. Some examples include: Captain America: The First Avenger was called "Frostbite," Captain America: The Winter Soldier is called "Freezer Burn" and The Avengers was called "Group Hug."

According to poker terms, "Full Tilt" is best described when a player is not thinking clearly and making bets on irrational decision-making. This is probably what the working title means since so many say Marvel is taking a risk on a rather unknown superhero team property that many Marvel comic book fans weren't even familiar with before the film was green lit at Comic Con last year. Of course, this is The Daily SuperHero's best guess when it comes to the meaning behind the working title and it seems like it's Marvel's way of messing with those who may doubt the studio.

What's even more interesting than the potential meaning behind "Full Tilt" is what is implied by the production company title Marvel is using. Infinity Works Production UK Limited is a mouthful but the first word is the kicker. Comic fans know exactly what The Daily SuperHero is talking about because the word "infinity" is closely associated with the mid-credits villain reveal in The Avengers... Thanos.

Thanos' greatest comic story is the Infinity Gauntlet. If the production name is indeed any clue to the future of Thanos' involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the first infinity gem may be revealed in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Some websites and fans have theorized that Guardians actor Lee Pace might be playing Adam Warlock. If he is in GotG, Warlock was a part of the Guardians team in the comics as well. And if Marvel Studios takes from the comics, Warlock is also closely associated to the Infinity Gauntlet story arc.

All theory, of course, but if Adam Warlock is introduced he is also a great segue to continue introducing mystic arts and magic into the the movie universe. This could set up the intro of Scarlet Witch in The Avengers 2 and a Doctor Strange movie once he gets his own film green lit.

Things might be getting magical in Marvel movies very soon. (Pun intended.)

Guardians of the Galaxy has officially started filming at Shepperton Studios, in the U.K., and is out in theaters on August 1, 2014.