CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER Rumored to Explore Vibranium, Could be a BLACK PANTHER Tease

Is there any studio busier than Marvel Studios right now? With Iron Man 3 set to hit theaters shortly, a marketing campaign set to begin for Thor: The Dark World's November release, Captain America: The Winter Soldier starting production recently and Guardians of the Galaxy deep into the pre-production process, the answer is simple... no.

Being that Captain America: The Winter Soldier is coming to our town to shoot for several weeks, The Daily SuperHero has its local Cleveland spies listening in to conversations. When no one thinks we are around, we are still hearing things. Per one source, it was overheard that Cap's next film will explore the element vibranium. No word on how extensively, or briefly, this will occur but the sequel will have not one but two heroes using the element.

So let's look at what we already know about vibranium and then speculate about it.

First, Captain America's shield is made of the fictional element. In Captain America: The First Avenger Steve Rogers was picking out his shield and Howard Stark told Rogers vibranium is stronger than steel and weighs only one-third as much, while being completely vibration absorbent. Howard also said all the vibranium he had went into making Rogers' chosen shield.

Second, new addition the Falcon will have a role in the new Cap film and part of his suit is also—at least it is in the comics—made of vibranium. However, in the comics version his suit is weaved with some vibranium to protect Falcon from bullets and knife attacks.

Third, Tony Stark was said to have actually created vibranium in his Malibu mansion in Iron Man 2, per the movie's book. This leads to the theory that Howard may have found vibranium in the wild, analyzed it but due to the lack of technology he had available to him, he then broke down the element itself and hid it for Tony to discover and create in the future.

What if Howard found his vibranium that was used for Cap's shield? It would be assumed he took a trip to the fictional land of Wakanda, Africa, home of the Black Panther. It was even marked on the map at the end of Iron Man 2 when Tony and Nick Fury met and talked about the Avengers Initiative (see photo above).

Whether or not this information is true or false remains to be seen but it's safe to assume that if vibranium is explored in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a Black Panther appearance in an upcoming movie—or in his own solo movie—is not far away.

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