Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man & Doctor Strange Movies: Comic Book 1st Appearances Quick Guide

Prior to 2008, when Iron Man hit theaters, Marvel Studios made the announcement that they were going to start making their own big screen movies. When the Armored Avenger's movie was said to be the first, Iron Man's first appearance comic book skyrocketed in price. As did Tony Stark's first appearance (also known as key issues) in his Mark II suit and in his traditional red and gold Mark III armor.

When Thor and Captain America were announced, the same thing happened. Not to mention when Thanos made his film appearance at the end of The Avengers. Many of these first appearance and key issues already went for a ton of money, then, making it to the theaters doubled, tripled and even quadrupled the value of many of these comics.

Now Marvel is entering Phase 2 of their cinematic universe with Iron Man 3, and they have made some announcements about Phase 3 movies (Ant-Man and Doctor Strange) as well. These older comic values just keep jumping in price now.

So let's focus on some of these lesser-known heroes who have their own movies coming soon. So here's The Daily SuperHero's quick guide to first appearances for Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man and Doctor Strange. 

Please note values are an average of sold listings (not completed unsold listings) that are ungraded, first print, U.S. released comics on ebay that are in "average condition." The values represented are as of the publishing of this post and will increase. So buy them while prices are reasonable.

Guardians of the Galaxy (8/1/2014)

First appearance of the 1969 GOTG team: Marvel Super Heroes #18
Average ebay price: $40

First appearance of the 2008 GOTG team: Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, #1
Average ebay price: $50
Note: The movie will be based on this version of the team.

First appearance of Star-Lord: Marvel Preview #4 (1976)
Average ebay price: $140

First appearance of Rocket Raccoon in Marvel continuity: Incredible Hulk #271 (1982)
Average ebay price: $55 (and going up really fast!)

First appearance of Groot: Tales to Astonish #13 (1960)
Average ebay price: $600

First appearance Drax the Destroyer: Invincible Iron Man #55 (1973)
Average ebay price: $250
Note: This is also the first appearance of Thanos.

First appearance of Gamora: Strange Tales #180 (1975)
Average ebay price: $25

Ant-Man (11/6/2015)

First appearance: Tales to Astonish #27 (1962)
Average ebay price: $900

First appearance in costume: Tales to Astonish #35 (1962)
Average ebay price: $170

Doctor Strange (T.B.D. 2016)

First appearance Strange Tales #110 (1951)
Average ebay price: $250

First appearance in Marvel continuity: Fantastic Four #27 (1964)
Average ebay price: $35 (rising fast!)

This is the first of several first appearance/key issue posts, that are relevant to the Marvel movie universe, The Daily SuperHero will be posting in the coming days. Stay tuned...