Dear Marvel, Deadpool Needs an Anime Movie Too

With Marvel's new anime movie Iron Man: Rise of Technovore on April 16, it's quite obvious their past anime offerings have been successful to a point of releasing a full-length, straight to store shelves film.

Before the next Iron Man anime adventure releases, there were full seasons for Iron Man, Wolverine, X-Men and Blade. Fans have had mixed reviews on some of the past anime series. Cough, cough Wolverine was too much of an anime'd version... cough, cough.

If the new Iron Man anime movie takes off and is a sales success, Marvel should seriously consider a Deadpool anime series or movie. Anime is known for it's over-the-top style fighting, gore and visuals which is perfect for Deadpool.

So why not an anime movie? Well, Deadpool is a bit on the offensive side and Disney doesn't really do non-family friendly stuff, so if he got his own movie it would have to be rated-R. Even his new video game, that is coming out this summer, is rated Mature.

The Merc With a Mouth is vulgar, insane, talks to the voice in his head, gifted with the talent of issuing extreme amounts of gore most of the time, a big pervert, has deadly fighting skills, loves big guns, likes to kill and loooooves chimichangas.

Just drop him in Japan versus a bunch of ninjas, some supernatural/super powered bad guys, then sit back and enjoy the chaos that ensues whenever Deadpool is involved.

Let's hope Marvel is listening because fans just want more Deadpool. Period.