Planet Hulk and World War Hulk movie rumors seem rushed for Marvel's Phase 3 and best suited for Phase 4 instead

Even though Marvel's Phase 2 of their superhero movie universe has yet to begin (it starts with this May's Iron Man 3) Phase 3 is already shaping up and stirring the rumor mill. Phase 3 begins after The Avengers 2 and with an Ant-Man movie in November 2015. Marvel Studios has already teased a Doctor Strange movie will take place sometime in Phase 3 as well.

According to the website Latino Review—who has broke some Marvel movie news to the point where Marvel was trying to investigate the site's insider sources—the Incredible Hulk is rumored to be featured in Phase 3. Specifically, the comic book story arcs of "Planet Hulk" and "World War Hulk." 

For those who are not familiar with those two comic book stories, "Planet Hulk" sees several 'top heads' in the Marvel universe like Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Namor: The Sub-Mariner, Doctor Strange, Professor X, Black Panther and Black Bolt make a decision to send the Hulk into outer space because he is too dangerous to stay on Earth. The Hulk is tricked, captured and jettisoned into space only to land on a planet where he becomes a gladiator and endears himself to those on that planet.

To make a long story short, Hulk comes back to Earth in "World War Hulk," with several warriors from the planet he was on, and wages war against those who sent him away. Side note, both stories are really great reads and worth picking up at your local comic shop or as trade paperbacks on Amazon.

But hold on a second. Marvel Studios doesn't own character rights to Professor X or Reed Richards (Fox) and Doctor Strange is not getting his solo origin film until Phase 3. On top of all this Namor, who's movie rights are in Marvel's possession, has yet to be introduced. Same with Black Panther and Black Bolt (leader of the Inhumans team).

Not to mention the fact that Ant-Man leads off Phase 3 and while many do not know what this origin movie will entail, most assume it means the introduction of the robotic villain Ultron, who could be the big threat in The Avengers 3.

To get back to the Hulk rumor, if Hulk is indeed going to be featured in Phase 3, Marvel has a tremendous amount of work ahead of itself by introducing a ton of new characters.

And here comes several questions raised by this Hulk rumor:

  • Then where does that leave their other tent pole hero films like Iron Man, Thor and Captain America?
  • Would Marvel consider not having any of these solo movies in Phase 3 so they can have a group of solo movies consisting of Ant-Man and Doctor Strange along with possible films like Black Panther, Namor and the Inhumans? 
  • Is Marvel going to give their main characters Phase 3 off for lesser-tier heroes and then bring in Iron Man, Thor and Cap just for The Avengers 3?
  • Or does it really make more sense to say and think that featuring Hulk in a way that Latino Review says is best for Phase 4 instead?

So many questions with no answers right now. Fans should take this Hulk rumor with the tiniest grain of salt until more is announced by Marvel about their Phase 3 plans.