X-Men: Days of Future Past confirmed to have robots by Mark Millar, bring on the Sentinels!


Since hiring him, 20th Century Fox creative consultant Mark Millar is doing everything in his power to make sure he is engaged with the fans in order to keep the interest in Fox's Marvel superhero franchises as high as possible. And he has definitely caught our attention with his recent comment.

While talking with the website, DigitalSpy.com, Millar has confirmed that X-Men: Days of Future Past will have robots.

"[Matthew] Vaughn is going for a big sci-fi style thing with X-Men: Days of Future Past....(it's) X-Men meets The Terminator. You've got robots, you've got time travel, you've got superheroes - it's got everything in one film. He also said that it is "no spoiler on [his] part" to say that the film goes into an apocalyptic future. Cost-wise it's going to go up, and ambitious-wise it's gone up. But Vaughn can handle it. Vaughn made Kick-Ass for $28 million."

Sounds like this sequel is definitely following the comics book story arc, of same title, closer than initially expected but let's get back to the fact Millar said robots will be in the next movie. Do you know what that means?! Sentinels!!

That's right those giant mutant-hunting robots sounds like they have been confirmed for the next X-Men movie but until Millar says, "Sentinels are in the movie" we have to be patient and wait for that official announcement. But in all honesty, what other robots could he be referring too?

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